Family Vacation Idea | Alaskan Cruise

Recommended for: Large and/or multi-generational groups; families who enjoy the great outdoors (but perhaps in limited doses) Travel agent perspective: An Alaska cruise is about getting out in nature and exploring and seeing part of your country that you might not realize is still there, mostly untouched and natural. And a cruise strikes the right balance between having your own style of vacation and coming together as a family—having that shared time each and every day. […]

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Family Vacation Idea: European River Cruise

Recommended for: History and museum enthusiasts, foodie families, groups that might get restless in a single city. Travel agent perspective: Disney took the river cruise experience, which is traditionally thought of as something more for an older generation, and made it specific to families. They’ve made changes to the ships. There are multiple adventure guides on their ships, so there are always kids activities going on and kids and family-focused itineraries in the different little ports. […]

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Making the Most of the First Day of Your Cruise

There are a few tips and tricks to making the most of embarkation day – the day you board your ship and prepare to sail to an exciting destination. Here are some of our favorites: Dress casually and comfortably. If your cabin is being cleaned, you may not be able to go there to change clothes right away (remember, your ship probably just returned from the previous cruise). Plus, you’ll check your bags at the […]

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When is the best time of year to cruise?

It’s a common question from cruise travelers, ranging from first-timers to experienced passengers: When is the best time of year to cruise? The simple answer is that it’s always a good time to cruise somewhere on the globe. But, many cruise destinations have definite seasons for cruising; even year-round destinations have certain times that are better than others in terms of weather or cost.   So, here’s a roundup of the best times to sail […]

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A Guide to Cruise Lines Private Islands

The Cruise Line Private Island Experience Have you dreamed of spending a day on a private island? It’s easy – just look for a cruise itinerary that includes a call on the cruise line’s private island. These idyllic retreats are designed to provide a wonderfully relaxing day on an island that you can imagine is your very own. Here’s a quick look at some of these idyllic islands: Disney Cruise Line’s Castaway CayIt is 1,000 […]

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