Travel Tips

Passport Renewal Tips

Do you know how many Americans will be renewing their passports in the next few years? A record 20 million. Why? For starters, 2017 will be exactly ten years since passports became mandatory for travel to Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean… and passports last for ten years. Translation: total surge. If […]

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Travel Resolutions

List of New Year’s Travel Resolutions: Make a travel wish list. Travel more. Overcome a fear. Take a trip. Go somewhere new this year. Get lost! Work less, play harder. Don’t over-pack! Start a conversation with a local. Use all your vacation days. Unplug [from technology] while on vacation. Be […]

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Honeymoon Planning Guide

Honeymoon Planning Guide STEP 1: CREATE A PICTURE IN YOUR MINDS OF YOUR DREAM HONEYMOON To explore your options; develop preliminary answers for the following questions: How long of a trip? How much time do you want to take getting to your destination and back? Do you have special interests […]

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