February 27, 2016

Honeymoon Planning Guide

Honeymoon Planning Guide


To explore your options; develop preliminary answers for the following questions:

  • How long of a trip?
  • How much time do you want to take getting to your destination and back?
  • Do you have special interests such as scuba diving, snorkeling, golfing?
  • What is your budget?
  • Do you envision a relaxing vacation or very active trip?
  • Do you have a particular setting in mind such as beach or mountains?
  • Do you prefer a traditional wedding ceremony followed by your honeymoon or combine the two by having a destination wedding?
  • Do you find familiar or exotic locations more appealing?
  • What kind of memories do you want to experience during your vacation?

Don’t worry if your answer to any of these questions is “We don’t know.”  Your Bliss Vacations honeymoon specialist can help you discover the possibilities and give shape to your dreams.


Destination weddings are becoming much more popular, especially since the cost of the traditional wedding is growing by leaps and bounds.  The concept behind the destination wedding is to create a more intimate and often exotic setting to exchange vows.  Occasionally, the bride and groom go alone, but more often they invite family members and close friends to join them.  The overall atmosphere is much more laid-back and gives the couple the opportunity to spend time with their family and friends.  Most importantly, a destination wedding typically places fewer demands on the bride and groom and provides them with more time to focus on each other and the vows they are taking.  Many couples choose to honeymoon at the destination wedding resort for a few days following the wedding while some move to another resort in the same area that caters more to honeymooners.


Option 1: The All-Inclusive Resort
​Because a traditional wedding can be such a busy time and pretty tiring, many couples choose an island destination within a 2-4 hour flight at an all-inclusive, adults-only resort for their honeymoon.  An all-inclusive package typically includes airfare, transportation between the airport and resort, all meals, drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic), and non-motorized sports.  Basically, an all-inclusive package covers everything except extras such as excursions, spa treatments, and shopping.  This very popular option simplifies your planning in many ways, including making it easy to stay within your budget and enjoy your trip without the worry of a huge bill at the end.

Option 2: A Cruise
A cruise vacation is similar to an all-inclusive resort in that in addition to your accommodations, all meals are included but not beverages (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic).  Cruises allow you to explore several destinations while only unpacking one time.  They also allow you to visit exotic places using the familiar comforts of the cruise ship as a home base.  One important difference between an all-inclusive resort and a cruise is the accommodations.  Cruise cabins can be nice and include extras such as a private balcony but are considerably smaller than a typical resort room.  There are lots of cruise destinations such as Bermuda, Bahamas, Caribbean islands, Mexico, and Hawaii.

Option 3: The “a la Carte” Honeymoon
​Those who are adventurous and want more freedom to explore on their honeymoon may choose to go with the “a la carte” type vacation.  Your Bliss Vacation honeymoon specialist can work with you to plan an itinerary that suits your personal interests.  Examples of “a la carte” trips might be relaxing in your personal overwater bungalow, seeing several of the islands of Hawaii, cuisines of the islands on a Foodiemoon, or private island escape.  With this type trip arrangements are tailor-made for your air travel, accommodations, car rental, tours, etc. and you fill in the rest.


It’s a peace of mind.  Just as you buy insurance to cover your home or car, it’s also a good idea to protect your honeymoon investment.  There are several different types of travel insurance.  Cancel-for-any-reason insurance allows you to cancel without reason and get your money back.  This insurance is particularly good during storm season when the weather is unpredictable.  Because of the flexibility it offers, it is more expensive and doesn’t offer all of the same benefits while traveling that other insurance does.  Full travel insurance coverage is sold based on age and the amount you want to cover.  It covers cancellation prior to the trip due to covered reasons (illness, work related, death in the family, etc.).  In addition, it offers travel concierge service and coverage during the trip for such things as lost luggage, travel delay, injury, and medical evacuation.  Anyone who has ever had to use travel insurance has never gone on another trip without it.  Your Bliss Vacations honeymoon specialist will be happy to discuss your insurance options with you further.


You need someone, a live person, to be there for you from the earliest stages of planning until the day you get back home from your trip.  While the internet is helpful in providing ideas and information, it cannot replace the personal attention and expertise you’ll receive from a good honeymoon travel specialist.  A specialist will have visited many possible destinations and knows what questions to ask about any destination.  A specialist will also have the connections to get you a good value ​from reliable sources.  The best part is that working with a honeymoon specialist typically costs no more than making your own arrangements online and may even save you money with better benefits.  It will undoubtedly save you time, streamline the planning process, and contribute to your peace of mind all along the way.

Every day we help couples, just like you who are looking for a trusted resource who can provide answers to their most pressing travel questions.  

Just as you are no ordinary couple, this is no ordinary trip.  It’s an extraordinary journey.  It’s the intangible items, the ones you can’t get from an online site that will make all the difference, and likely what brought you to us.  At Bliss Vacations, we offer a variety of travel experiences for romance travelers.

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