Seeing Alaska, Cruise Style Alaska is a unique treasure, brimming with natural beauty, expansive wilderness and Arctic wildlife. It is a rugged destination, but you can experience the stunning coastal scenery of its southeastern panhandle via the comforts of a cruise ship.  Most major cruise lines offer wonderful cruises to Alaska, giving you a wide variety of ships, itineraries and staterooms to choose from. You’re sure to find one that accommodates your budget, too.  Plus, keep in
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Tips for Disabled Travelers Millions of American travelers aren’t letting a disability keep them from exploring the world.   In fact, a 2015 study by the Chicago-based nonprofit Open Doors Organization reported that in the previous two years, more than 26 million adults with disabilities traveled for pleasure and/or business, taking 73 million trips.   While the Open Doors report notes that obstacles remain, in many areas — including airlines and airports, hotels and restaurants
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Recommended for: Large and/or multi-generational groups; families who enjoy the great outdoors (but perhaps in limited doses) Travel agent perspective: An Alaska cruise is about getting out in nature and exploring and seeing part of your country that you might not realize is still there, mostly untouched and natural. And a cruise strikes the right balance between having your own style of vacation and coming together as a family—having that shared time each and every day.
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Recommended for: History and museum enthusiasts, foodie families, groups that might get restless in a single city. Travel agent perspective: Disney took the river cruise experience, which is traditionally thought of as something more for an older generation, and made it specific to families. They’ve made changes to the ships. There are multiple adventure guides on their ships, so there are always kids activities going on and kids and family-focused itineraries in the different little ports.
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If you’re thinking about a different vacation experience beyond the usual destinations, consider some of these places we have picked as the top up-and-coming international destinations for 2019. Iceland Iceland is the top up-and-coming spot in Europe, according to the results of a survey of 1,000 North American travel advisors conducted by Travel Leaders Group as part of its annual trends survey. Peru topped the list for locations in Central and South America, with Thailand
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